There are 2 different swim options to choose from:

**Please Note: All Immersions** Difficulty or ease of skills taught depends on the level of each individual swimmer in the class. It is not uncommon to have a mix of beginners and those who already know how to swim in the same class regardless of age.

The 8 Day Swim Immersion

(All Levels – All Ages: Beginners to Advanced):

  • For Beginners:

    This is designed to have your child swimming by the end of the 8-day session. In most cases, your child will be swimming by the end of the first week, if not sooner. The second week is devoted to building confidence in the water. By the end of the 8-day session, most beginners are able to jump into the pool and swim a considerable distance, swim to the wall and grab it, climb out unassisted, or “monkey walk/crab crawl” to the steps and get out!

  • For those who already know how to swim:

    This is designed to renew confidence in the water, clean up any “bad habits”, and progress the child beyond the point at which they were swimming last season. Previous skills taught include: touching upon some or all strokes (ie: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly); breathing; side-breathing; ocean simulation; flip turns; and on occasion, swimming fully clothed. Ultimately, what I teach depends on the level of each child and what is appropriate based on their individual skills.

  • All 8-Day Swim Immersions are held back to back over the course of two weeks. Unless otherwise noted, Week 1 is Mon-Fri; Week 2 is Mon-Wed.

The 4-Day ‘Brush Up’ Immersion

(Must be 3.5 years old or older)

  • For those with swimming experience:

    This class will renew confidence in the water, clean up any “bad habits”, introduce a few stroke tips, and get the student back swimming to the point they were at last season. It is limited in availability and is not as comprehensive as the 8-Day Immersion. This is suitable for those who want to jump start a child who “thinks” they forgot how to swim.

  • All 4-Day “Brush Up” Immersions are limited in availability and will be taught back-to-back over the course of 4 days as the schedule allows.

General Information:

  • Swim lessons begin February, 2021.
  • Each lesson is approximately 30 minutes.
  • All children should be at least 18-months old.
  • All lessons are group lessons: 3 children (sometimes of varying skill levels).